Psychology Behind Cronuts

If you are keeping up with the latest in food trends for your online pastry certificate, you have caught on to all the rage about cronuts. As the baked delicacy trickles down from New York City to locations across the country, how far are you willing to go to get your hands on one of them? Sure, you can create your own with the skills you learn in your online baking program, but would you pay $100 a pop to cronut scalpers for one of chef Dominique Ansel’s fine creations?

As a foodie, you can appreciate the skill that goes into creating such an in-demand product. The hybrid croissant-donuts is one of the most popular items in select bakeries across the country. After their debut in NYC this May, cronuts have been flying off the shelves. Dominique Ansel Bakery only produces 300 cronuts everyday, so some avid food enthusiasts turn to the black market and scalpers to try and get their hands on the mysterious pastry.

Pastry shop owners are quickly realizing how serious customers are about their need to try this hot new commodity. Similar to the arrival of a brand new iPhone or the summer’s biggest blockbuster, the opening of a pastry shop that sells cronuts is all the rage right now, according to Fast Company. As people form lines  and camp overnight to get a chance to enjoy cronuts​, foodies around the world are starting to notice.

“This is our third attempt of lining up here,” Lee Hatch, a tourist from Australia, old NPR. “And we thought, well, we’re on holiday, we’re here for a month, so we’ll give it a go if it’s the last thing we do before we go home.”

So why are adults in major cities across the country so excited for a pastry that is a mix between donuts and croissants?

In-demand items sell: Basic economics, marketing and branding principles teach us that people continuously covet and appreciate items that are hard to get their hands on. As consumers, we value moments when we are able to overcome hurdles to obtain an exclusive product. Having a  high demand and small supply may be one of the contributing factors to the cronut fad.

Fad: Some experts note that the current cronut craze has a lot to do with deeper psychological issues.Our instincts tell us we must have the next best thing out there. Foods can also hold sentimental value if they remind us of our childhood or teenage years.

“There are parts of the brain that become super active when a fad idea is heard, and people want to pass it on,” Irma Zandl, president of a consumer trends company, told NPR.

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