Sweet Onion Rings Culinary Demo

Check out Chef Mark’s culinary demo! The Chef will demonstrate how to make Escoffier French Fried Sweet Onion Rings. Below is a list of topics that Chef Mark Dolwing covers in detail:

      • Learn how to peel an onion
      • Separate the rings
      • Pre-prep them for battering
      • Observe proper deep frying safety and sanitation techniques
      • Make great onion rings

Escoffier’s French Fried Sweet Onion Rings Recipe

Adapted from recipe #2182 Le Guide Culinaire

2 Sweet Onions, such as Walla Walla, Maui or Vidalia,cut into ½ inch rings
½ tsp Sea Salt
⅛ tsp freshly ground pepper
1-2 cups AP Flour
1 cup English style Ale
3 x large eggs
1 qt of oil for deep frying
2 oz. of spicy ketchup


1. Heat oil in heavy bottomed pot to 375oF

2. Separate the rings and season well

3. Make batter as demonstrated by beating egg , ale and flour to make a thick batter

4. Dust rings in more flour and  dip into batter

5. Right near the hot oil drop in the rings and cook till golden brown

6. Serve with ketchup

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