Watch this video to find out how an online culinary school works in four easy steps


Welcome to a completely new culinary experience. Escoffier Online would like to take a moment to show you how we have made online culinary education possible. We’ve put together a robust easy to use program that you can access from the comfort of your own kitchen. Become a student within minutes and receive immediate access to our 100% Online Campus.

Our online culinary and baking programs promote a thorough and deep knowledge of culinary topics. We take a competency-based approach which ensures that students master the foundational skills and techniques necessary for success in the modern professional kitchen. Build your knowledge with our thousands of skills videos, recipes, hands-on assessments, professional skills databases, interactive learning modules and more. The best part is our programs are structured for you to control your learning on your own time with our easy to follow step-by-step navigation. Put your skills to the test with our thirty-plus hands-on cooking assignments. Make your dishes come to life by capturing photos of your dish in various stages from your mise en place, to your plated dish.

During your journey you will have access to a team of chefs that will help mentor, critique your work and support from beginning to end. Our online campus also allows for students to connect worldwide and share their experience and achievements with others during the program, and well after graduation. Whether you were serious cook or professional looking to make a name for yourself, you will graduate equipped with a professional portfolio of your work and a certificate of completion to share with your friends or future employers. We give you the tools and knowledge to truly make an impact in the industry. Sign up today and join thousands of other students who share your same passions and goals. Call 855-696-6602 to get started.


You control your learning. Start by launching your first online culinary school course. Make your way through our interactive videos and learning tools as you begin to experience your online cooking classes for the first time. Your online culinary school access is at your fingertips anytime, by either computer or tablet. Learning how to cook online is easier than you think!*

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*This video only applies to the Certificate in Baking and Pastry Program

“The skills that are taught in the Escoffier Online program are not only beneficial to someone wanting to work in the industry, but anyone who loves to bake.”

— Sheri G., Pastry Arts Certificate Graduate

“The classes gave me a knowledge behind food and cooking and the confidence to become more adventurous and creative.”

— Beth V., Culinary Arts Fundamentals Graduate

“The Escoffier Online education is a more accessible and affordable quality education available to a great many more people than the classic brick and mortar campus.”

— Chef Jeremiah Tower, American Celebrity Chef & Father of California Cuisine

“When I stumbled across the Escoffier Online program, I was immediately interested by what is offered: affordability, professionalism and flexibility.”

— Rebekah F., Culinary Arts Fundamentals Graduate

“The program is a foundation; I think everyone working in a kitchen needs something like this. This program doesn’t just build people who can cook, it builds professionals.”

— Zenn T., Culinary Arts Fundamentals Student

“There is a difference between being a chef at a restaurant and being the owner. Escoffier prepares you for both.”

— Sofia K., Culinary Arts Fundamentals Graduate and Restaurant Owner


Escoffier is quite possibly the most famous name in culinary and is synonymous with excellence, quality, commitment, and skill in the culinary profession. We have set out to ingrain many of his philosophies and principles throughout your culinary experience.

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