The Learning Experience of An Online Pastry Arts Student

You control your learning. Start by launching your first online culinary school course. Make your way through our interactive videos and learning tools as you begin to experience your online cooking classes for the first time. Your online culinary school access is at your fingertips anytime, by either computer or tablet. Learning how to cook online is easier than you think!*

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*This video only applies to the Certificate in Baking and Pastry Program

Pastry Arts Certificate Graduate

“The skills that are taught in the Escoffier Online program are not only beneficial to someone wanting to work in the industry, but anyone who loves to bake.”

— Sheri G., Pastry Arts Certificate Graduate
Culinary arts Fundamentals Graduate

“The classes gave me a knowledge behind food and cooking and the confidence to become more adventurous and creative.”

— Beth V., Culinary Arts Fundamentals Graduate
Chef Jeremiah Tower, American Celebrity Chef and Father of California cuisine

“The Escoffier Online education is a more accessible and affordable quality education available to a great many more people than the classic brick and mortar campus.”

— Chef Jeremiah Tower, American Celebrity Chef & Father of California Cuisine
Culinary Arts Fundamentals Graduate

“When I stumbled across the Escoffier Online program, I was immediately interested by what is offered: affordability, professionalism and flexibility.”

— Rebekah F., Culinary Arts Fundamentals Graduate
Culinary Arts Fundamentals student

“The program is a foundation; I think everyone working in a kitchen needs something like this. This program doesn’t just build people who can cook, it builds professionals.”

— Zenn T., Culinary Arts Fundamentals Student
Culinary Arts Fundamentals Graduate

“There is a difference between being a chef at a restaurant and being the owner. Escoffier prepares you for both.”

— Sofia K., Culinary Arts Fundamentals Graduate and Restaurant Owner


A quote and photo of Auguste Escoffier

Escoffier is quite possibly the most famous name in culinary and is synonymous with excellence, quality, commitment, and skill in the culinary profession. We have set out to ingrain many of his philosophies and principles throughout your culinary experience.

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