Dessert Trends On The Rise: Dacquoise And Fig Cookies

It’s a given that you will need to master at least part of the baking & pastry arts, whether you are pursuing a career in culinary arts programs or simply want to become an accomplished home cook. Desserts are hotter than ever right now, and keeping yourself informed about these sweet trends will help you become a well-informed chef and put you ahead of the rest when you are preparing your confections.

Here are the latest dessert trends in 2013, courtesy of Food & Wine Magazine:

There is a reason you may have never heard of this confection before: It is simply one of the most difficult French pastries you can make. Once a rare addition to high-end restaurants and fancy patisseries in Paris, this dessert is becoming more manageable and democratic. The entire reason why this dessert is so delectable – while at the same time an arduous task to create- is it needs to be rich, but light and airy at the same time.

The traditional method for making dacquoise is whipping sugar and egg whites together then folding in nuts or fresh fruits, much like you would do with meringue. However, after the whipped component is made, you layer the mixture with buttercream and ganache, which is no easy feat. The best thing about this dessert is the fact that you can get pretty creative when it comes to flavorings. From pistachio to chocolate to strawberry, there are many ways to take this dessert up a notch.

Fig cookies
We all remember Fig Newtons from childhood, but this comfort food has grown up. While fruit-filled cookies in general are very popular, taking a spin on the classic fig cookie is a new trend that is gaining steam in the culinary world. According to Food & Wine Magazine, some chefs are even adding booze to these treats, including red wine and anise.

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