2017’s Hybrid Pastry: The Crotilla

It seems like a new combination baked good is invented every year. We’ve seen the croissant mixed with the donut to create the cronut, the croissant paired with the muffin as the cruffin and more. It can be difficult to keep up with all of these new baking and pastry trends.

Yet, culinary arts students would be remiss to overlook the production of these goodies. The newest hybrid just recently hit the market, introduced by Walmart no less. The crotilla is 2017’s cross-mixture pastry.

What is the crotilla?

Walmart released this concoction in April of this year, but what is it? The crotilla is a croissant-tortilla hybrid that can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you want to use it as a taco shell, dip it in hummus or jam or add your own pizza toppings, the item is fairly versatile. Culinary arts students can use the crotilla for taste experiments, no matter if it’s for dessert, dinner or another meal.

The product is exclusive to Walmart and created by one of the superstore’s suppliers as an on-the-go option for millennial eaters. For around $4, you can get an eight-pack of crotillas to add to your pantry.

Opinions are split

As with any fad food, some people will turn the crotilla into an obsession while others won’t be interested in it at all. According to Fox News, social media bloggers are firmly split on the concoction. The buttery flavor of the creation is similar to a traditional croissant, but the shape makes eaters think of flour tortillas.

Although eaters still believe the jury is out of this creation, Walmart sticks firmly behind it. The company even declared April 25 “National Crotilla Day,” according to ABC Action News.

Follow Hoda and Kathie Lee

The fourth hour of the TODAY Show, hosted by Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, got a sneak peek at Walmart’s crotilla invention. The pair shared some of the manufacturer’s suggestions for the baked good on air and even tried it. Both hosts seemed to enjoy the crotilla, with Kotb stating that hers, which came with Nutella on top, was “[her] favorite thing.”

The two discussed other uses for the crotilla​, including as wrap material for sandwiches, particularly those made for breakfasts, for individual pizzas or to be simply eaten with butter and honey.

Culinary arts students see a number of food-based inventions throughout their education and after they have graduated. It doesn’t seem like the trend of combining two beloved pastries together shows any signs of slowing down, so it may be smart for those studying baking and pastry arts to simply embrace the fad. Although the crotilla is the latest development in this vein, it certainly won’t be the last. People can use their passion for cooking as a way to experiment with this creation, finding various purposes for the crotilla and its buttery crust.

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