Best Doughnuts In America Revealed

Whether you like them cakey or doughy, doughnuts are a special breakfast favorite in the United States. Classic options like sprinkles and chocolate glaze may be a traditional pick with many people who want a sweet treat; however, the doughnut has certainly grown up recently, according to U.S. News and World Report.

Everything from red velvet to bacon-maple doughnut recipes have been creatively pursued by chefs in the culinary academy, so this tasty pastry has come a long way from its beginning in American diners. Since doughnuts have entered the world of fine dining, U.S. News traveled across the country in search of the best doughnut shops in the United States. Here are a few:

Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop
In an interview with Esquire Magazine, comedienne Tina Fey revealed that this was one of her favorite spots in Brooklyn to visit while she was shooting her hit NBC series, 30 Rock – and apparently, U.S. News agrees. If you’re in the New York area during the summer and want to learn more about the baking & pastry arts, stop in for one of their famous doughnut ice cream sandwiches.

Doughnut Vault
In the Windy City, there is only one doughnut shop that reigns supreme, and that’s Doughnut Vault. This charming corner bakery in the River North neighborhood offers $1 coffee and classics like lemon poppy seed old fashioned, but also offers up some inventive options like red velvet cake. Get here early, because once their daily batch is freshly baked and served, they close up shop. For all of you foodies out there, this spot was also a favorite of Anthony Bourdain while he was filming his Chicago episode of The Layover.

Stan’s Doughnuts
If you’re in Los Angeles and you don’t go to Stan’s Doughnut stand, you’re missing out. This iconic fixture in the Westwood neighborhood has been around since 1965 and serves up traditional favorites like old-fashioned buttermilk doughnuts, but also features fun-loving treats like peanut butter and fresh banana with chocolate chips.

Sublime Doughnuts
If you’re in Atlanta and you want to beat the fierce summer heat, why not stop by Sublime for a doughnut sandwich? Yes, you heard that right. Bakers here slice a doughnut in half and then fill the middle with a scoop of ice cream. These tasty treats are playfully called “doughnut burgers.”

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