Food Trend: Cronuts

Cronuts, or croissant-fried doughnuts, have sparked interest in the baking & pastry arts industry. The fried layers of goodness look like a doughnut, but have the consistency of a croissant, and they’re in high demand in major cities like New York. The creation of Dominque Ansel, head pastry chef of Ansel Bakery, these little doughnuts sell out at the bakery before it even opens. Since then, Ansel has set a six-cronut limit for eager customers. According to Fox News, cronuts are showing up on Craigslist for more than double the original price.

Ansel said that people are adamant about getting their cronut fix, and have resorted to violence and tears in order to get the product. He recently took to Twitter, according to Fox News, to express his frustrations, saying “One woman legitimately cried. It is not OK to flip off our baristas because we are out of cronuts.”

Although Ansel coined the term, he has no interest in turning his bakery into a cronut shop. He told New York Magazine that despite the demand for these tasty treats, he wanted to preserve the charm of the restaurant. Ansel also told the source that he is firm on keeping cronut prices at $5 each.

“Will we expand?” Ansel wrote in New York Magazine. “Yes, sure. But in a different and more creative way than just punching out the same model. I believe businesses should have heart behind it. Customers can tell the difference. And as a chef, you want to be able to look at your fellow chefs and stand tall, not feeling like you’ve sold out.”

While some think that cronuts are going to be the next craze in the baking & pastry arts, for now, Ansel Bakery is the only place in the U.S. where you can score this snack.

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