Gourmet Burgers Find Fresh Fans

For a while, it seemed like a new burger joint would pop up every month or so, flooding the streets and filling gullets with gourmet renditions of the hamburger.  You couldn’t walk two blocks before bumping into someone raving about this shop’s delicate sauces, or how that spot does something fancy with slices of tangy smoked bacon. Everyone was eating their burgers with slivers of avocado, snippets of mango, chips of aged cheese and enough savory ingredients to make an online culinary school student’s head spin. The buzz for a fresh take on the classic American burger is growing again. From Chicago, to San Francisco, to New York, specialty burgers are making a comeback in a big way.

Burger Bar and Buzz restaurants in Chicago provides a nice atmosphere in which one can indulge in any number of patties and garnishes. DMK’s Double Double is delicious: two grass fed patties, smoked Swiss, vella jack, aged cheddar, American, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles. Continue on to Buzz Bar and try out the Stroganoff “Burger,” comprised of braised short ribs, cremini mushroom gravy, and egg noodles on a pretzel bun.

San Francisco
With a huge selection to choose from, Barney’s Hamburgers in San Francisco is sure to have something you enjoy. Want something with Mediterranean flair? Their Greek burger is loaded with avocado, feta cheese, lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes in a whole wheat pita.

New York
If you ever find yourself in Manhattan, take yourself to the Breslin Bar and Dining Room in the Ace Hotel. Their specialty lamb burger is grilled to perfection and each entrée comes complete with feta cheese, cumin, mayo and thrice cooked chips.

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