Alternative Ways To Top Your Burgers

While there are times that nothing will compare to a simple ketchup and mustard combo or your favorite fast food restaurant’s “secret sauce,” there’s still something to be said about topping your burgers with ingredients other than the norm. From sweet, to savory, to spicy, changing your burger toppings up can make the meal something entirely different.

Salad dressing
While it’s true that many people order a cheeseburger in place of a salad because they’re too hungry for a salad, that doesn’t mean you can’t use your favorite dressing to enhance your burger patty. Try using Greek dressing on a burger that’s topped with beets and feta cheese or Caesar dressing on a burger with shredded Parmesan cheese. Get creative with your dressing and topping pairings.

Hummus isn’t just a fabulous topping for chips or pita bread. It can also be an awesome addition to a burger. Since it’s so creamy and flavorful you don’t even need to add cheese to the patty. Try topping your burger with hummus and roasted red peppers or chopped olives for a Mediterranean vibe.

We’re quickly learning that there are very few things out there that don’t taste fantastic with sriracha on them. If you’re a fan of spice, there’s no reason you won’t enjoy some sriracha sauce on your cheeseburger. A soft, mild topping like avocado pairs nicely to cool it down a bit and add some contrast to the burger.

When it comes to burger toppings, you can do sweet, salty, spicy or a mix of all three.

For a Southwest taste, add your favorite salsa and some crunchy tortilla strips to your cheeseburger. Don’t draw the line there, though. Instead of plain old cheddar or American cheese, go for a Mexican blend or some cotija cheese and some jalapeno or poblano peppers. Think of it as combining two of the most delicious entrees – burgers and tacos – into an even better hybrid.

There aren’t many ingredients that can match the combination of sweetness and zest that teriyaki sauce does, so naturally, it would taste great on a cheeseburger. Try adding some of your favorite spices to the meat to add a little bit of heat, topping the burger with a mild cheese, like havarti or provolone and finishing it up with a slice of juicy pineapple.

You enjoy sausage on your pizza and in your spaghetti, so why not combine all of those flavors on a burger? When mixing your ground beef, add some Italian seasoning and breadcrumbs so the patty takes on a meatball flavor. Top with warm marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Buffalo sauce
Buffalo sauce isn’t just great on chicken wings. Channel game day on your cheeseburgers by slathering your patties in the tangy orange sauce and topping them with crumbled bleu cheese. You can even slice up some celery to put on top to add some crunch and really complete the sandwich.

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