Types Of Ground Meat For A Blended Burger

Crafting the perfect burger has become an art form in recent years. Sometimes, the routine supermarket pre-ground beef won’t cut it and you need a variety of meats with varying fat levels and flavors to create the master patty.

Why blend beef? Culinary arts programs teach the importance of combining meats to get a nuanced flavor and tenderness. Blending meats is not just for sausage – it can take a simple burger to a new level.

Serious Eat’s burger lab explores the blending process with an exploration of a range of beef cuts.

This cut of meat is a go-to choice for chefs and cooks. While it’s high in fat, it has a good balance of lean protein.

Sirloin has a low fat content and is tender. But without the extra fat, this meat may dry out when not combined with other cuts. The flavor profile of this beef is grassy and nutty.

Short rib
This type of rib has a high fat to meat ratio, which produces a juicy product. This cut is also good to use for medium-well to fully cooked burgers. It tastes rich with nutty notes, without any sour flavors.

Commonly used to prepare corned beef, brisket’s moderate to low fat content can work in burgers. This cut can be sour and grassy tasting.

Skirt steak
This steak is popular for tacos, but works well in burgers too. When ground, the result is gritty that benefits from blending with other meats.

Oxtail has a bit of gaminess yet has tons of rich nutty flavors, with a high content of fat.

Use the various flavor profiles, textures and fat levels to create a flavorful burger. While playing around with the balance, aim for the 80/20 meat to fat ratio, and see what works to create the perfect burger.

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