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Culinary mashups continue to sprout from New York City, and you may be wondering how to recreate some of these masterpieces while you are enrolled in an online cooking school. While cronuts are taking the pastry world by storm, savory dishes are also gaining traction for their creative pairings. Chef and ramen enthusiast Keizo Shimamoto recently conjured up the ramen burger in the city that never sleeps. Shimamoto only creates 150 burgers everyday and people are already lining up to try the newest food trend for fall.

The ramen burger consists of Shimamoto’s secret sauce, grilled beef and a fried ramen noodle bun carefully placed together. This hot new item has only recently hit the market, yet lines to try the delicacy are a few hours long. Excited and delighted fans are taking to social media to rave about their new favorite food item.

The ramen burger has Asian roots – the inventor briefly worked in a noodle shop in Japan, where it is very common for people to enjoy ramen sandwiches with pork rather than beef. This inspired Shimamoto to try creating a similar dish back in the United States.

Breakdown of the ramen burger:
Beef: Traditional ramen burgers use 100-percent beef patties. They tend to be a bit greasy because they are 25 percent fat, so you may need a few extra napkins while trying one.

The bun: Compressed ramen noodles make up the burger’s bun. Once the noodles are stuck together, the chef uses a secret process to mold them into a bun. The result is a chewy noodle patty.

The sauce: The ramen burger also consists of a secret sauce that is soy-based. While basic ingredients include garlic, scallions and ginger, Chef Shimamoto has yet to reveal the process of creating the sauce.

Secondary ingredients: The original ramen burger has very few toppings. Spiced arugula and scallions are used inside the burger as toppings for some crunchy relief.

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