Best Breads For Sandwiches


If you’re taking baking courses online, you may be starting to cook up some of your own delicious breads to go with your dinner entrees. However, breads aren’t limited to the dinner table!

Everyone loves a good sandwich, and if you’re taking online cooking courses, you already know that the bread you serve them is often ignored – but very important.

Cooking Club offered up some insight into breads that can make or break this lunch favorite:

  • Italian loaves: Boasting a crispy crust and soft texture, Italian loaves pair perfectly with spicy meats like salami. This variety is also perfect for delicious and tasty spreads.
  • French baguette: This classical crumbly favorite can go head-to-head with even the juiciest tomatoes and cucumbers. Although a lot of French restaurants will simply serve this bread with plain butter, it can also stand up to the tallest of sandwiches, so pile on the toppings.
  • Country White Bread: Fan of grilled cheese? Grab your favorite cheddar and a loaf of country white bread for this kid-friendly special.
  • Ciabatta: With it’s hearty and open texture and chewy crust, this rustic Italian bread is perfect with almost any kind of sandwich, but is especially suited to brunch classics like BLTs.
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