Weird sodas from around the world

A culinary arts program online is a go-to method for learning about different foods and beverages from around the world. In regard to drink, one thing that might surprise many young American cooks is the various soda flavors that are popular in other countries.

Even though upscale soda in the United States has been on the rise as of late, many of these fizzy brands stick to traditional flavors. Of course, there is still the omnipresence of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sprite and other staple sodas as well. But the Renaissance of quality soda we’re seeing in the U.S. is just the tip of the iceberg when compared to these peculiar pops from other parts of the globe:

Curry soda – Japan
The Japanese soda company Ramune makes this particularly spicy soda, as well as flavors such as kimchi, wasabi and bubble gum. Since the company’s inception, it has created over 35 unique flavors of carbonated beverages.

Black garlic soda – Switzerland
LaObamas is the company that makes this Swiss black garlic soda, but the company mainly produces the soda in Hong Kong. The soda boasts having a distinct flavor without the pungent garlic smell.

Onion soda – South Korea
The company Tamla Village Co., Ltd. uses Jeju onions to create this fizzy drink. These vegetables are known to pack anticancer substances.

Basil seed drink – Thailand
This drink isn’t exactly a soda, but it’s made with basil seeds and honey giving it both an herbal and sweet quality. The basil seeds swell up from the liquid in a way similar to chia seeds.

Grass jelly soda – Malaysia
For some soda drinkers, Yeo’s Grass Jelly Drink might look and smell a little too much like the great outdoors. This soda has small chunks of grass jelly in it, giving it the pulpier consistency of orange juice. It is known for having a very strong flavor and aroma. If you’ve ever considered what the smell of a fresh cut lawn might taste like, this might be the closest thing.

Inka Kola – Peru
This drink was created in Peru in 1935. The main ingredient is lemon verbena, which can taste similar to bubble gum or sweet cream soda. Like most of the other sodas on this list, many consider Inka Kola to be an acquired taste.

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