Two Desserts Are Better Than One, Unless Of Course Its A Mash-Up

It’s like the old cliche says, “popularity is fleeting.” Cronuts may have been all the rage for the last few months, but there is a new pastry player coming onto the scene. Bea’s of Bloomsbury in London has recently debuted its “townie” dessert and is ready to challenge the cronut for the title of “Best Dessert Mashup.” The townie is American baker Bea Vo’s latest hybrid creation and is combination of a brownie and a tart. This mouthwatering dessert is the perfect combination of the two, with a crispy outer shell and ooey gooey center. No stranger to hybrids, Vo had already previously created the much-loved duffin, which is a doughnut-muffin hybrid.

The secret ingredient for hybrid desserts
Ready to show off your baking & pastry arts skills through the creation of your own hybrid dessert? In addition to the usual ingredients you need for the individual desserts, you’ll want to make sure you have the secret ingredient to pull it all together: planning. You can’t just throw together two recipes into one bowl and assume it’ll turn out well. The consistency and ingredients of the separate sweets will need to interact well with one another in order to produce something that strikes the right balance between the two. According to Vo, the secret to fusion desserts is to combine the best qualities of the parent sweets to create a delectable new pastry.

Getting started
If you’ve been taking baking courses online, crossover desserts are a fun and exciting way to flex your creative muscles in the kitchen. At the same time, though, it can be difficult to start thinking of two desserts that you’d like to mash together. With these tips, though, you’ll be running to the kitchen to create your own mash​-up desserts that you can wow your friends and family with!

  • Get inspired. If you’re unsure of how to get started with creating a new pastry, you may just need to find some inspiration. Check out the fusion foods at your local pastries and sample how the two parent desserts contribute to the new creation.
  • Think about your favorite baked goods. Where better to start than with your personal favorites. Ask yourself: What would happen if I combined my favorite pie with my favorite cake?

Scrutinize the ingredients. Use what you’ve learned about how ingredients interact with one another to decide what you’ll keep and what will need to be cut out of the recipe. Keep in mind which are essential to creating the qualities from the dessert that you are trying to feature in your new creation.

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