Strongest Beers In The World

Take a break from your online cooking classes and see if  you are willing to try the world’s strongest beers. Friends and family will get together this holiday season and pine for something to drink that has a little kick to it. The standard for most is the well-made craft beer, which generally has a high alcohol content. Ranging from 6 to 9 percent alcohol, the average craft beer is always a great alternative to hard liquor and wine.

Two Scotsmen have taken this belief to the next level, creating a beer that contains more alcohol per volume than most whiskies and vodkas. In a quest to take on other breweries for beer supremacy, they have dethroned some serious contestants.

Lewish Shand and John McKenzie are two Scottish brewers who wanted to create the most impressive batch of beer the world has ever seen. In 2012, they submitted what they called Armageddon, a liquid monstrosity that contained 65 percent alcohol. Concerned about how patrons would react to the taste, the creators decided to disguise the massive alcohol by volume, or ABV, percentage of Armageddon with a bit of an oily aftertaste.

After the public demanded an unfiltered representation of Armageddon, the team went back to the drawing board to review their approach to the world’s strongest beer. They came up with Snake Venom – it is 67.5 percent alcohol and comes with a warning label. Snake Venom has a stronger bite than its predecessor, but still maintains the flavor that made Armageddon famous.

Snake Venom and Armageddon may be the world’s strongest beers, but that title has been fluctuating over the past few years. Many breweries are focusing on this niche market and are producing some seriously potent beverages. Here are just a few that Shand and McKenzie toppled:

Start the Future: Produced by ‘t Koelschip in Holland, Start the Future was the king of the super beers before Snake Venom and Armageddon came on the scene. At 120 proof, a single bottle would be enough for a solid beer drinker.

End of History: From Scotland’s Brewdog, the End of History held the title for world’s strongest for only a week. However, it leaves a lasting impression – it is 55 percent alcohol and the bottle is covered by a preserved animal skin.

Schorschbock: Made by the German brewery Schorschbrau, this beer was the pride of Germany before Scotland handed them their hats. Schorschbock is still a hefty beer at 43 percent alcohol and carriers an even heftier price tag: $155 per bottle.

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