Ayran: A Popular Middle Eastern Beverage Benefits Your Health

Imagine you are eating at a restaurant that serves Middle Eastern cuisine. Each dish is piled high onto your plates and packed with flavors both spicy and sweet. The meats are savory, falling off the bone and the perfectly seasoned vegetables are filling you up. In one course, you find yourself feeling like the temperature in the room just raised a few degrees so you untuck your shirt. You begin loosening up your belt to gently ease the pressure off of your food-filled belly.

Over the span of a full meal, there is potentially a good amount of fats and oils that will need to be taken care of and you are going to need a little bit of help with your digestive process. If you like your food spicy, you might want something to cool off your blistering pallet as well. The Turkish people have developed a refreshing concoction over the years  that does exactly both. It is called ayran, and if you have not come across it yet in your online culinary classes, you will soon.

Health benefits
Ayran is a traditional Turkish beverage that is made simply of plain yogurt and water. Salt is optional, but is usually added to the mix at the request of the drinker. Many people throughout this particular region of the world consider it to be one of the healthiest drinks a person could have. Ayran is packed with electrolytes and is useful against dehydration. When your body loses fluids rapidly, your muscles begin to cramp up, you can feel dizzy and your vision swims. If left in a dehydrated state for a prolonged period of time, your body could go into shock, which can be fatal. Ayran is a quick and easy way to refill your body’s depleted stores of nutrients and minerals. If you find yourself walking all day in the summer heat and have perspired profusely, consider drinking a glass.

Ayran is also considered to be an excellent source of beneficial bacteria necessary to a well-functioning human digestive system . Your body requires a certain level of “good” bacteria. Probiotics, the healthy bacteria found in many yogurts, keep your system strong by re-calibrating the microflora within your intestines, facilitating the digestive process and boosting your immune system. Since yogurt is made from animal milk, the drink is also an excellent source of calcium and Vitamin D.

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