Keeping Up With – Gourmet Burgers, Ombre Cake and Banh Mi Sandwich

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Gourmet Burgers Find Fresh Fans
For a while, it seemed like a new burger joint would pop up every month or so, flooding the streets and filling gullets with gourmet renditions of the hamburger.  You couldn’t walk two blocks before bumping into someone raving about this shop’s delicate sauces, or how that spot does something fancy with slices of tangy smoked bacon. [Read More…]


How To Assemble An Ombre Cake
In this video, Escoffier Online’s Chef Susie Wolak discusses the ombre layered cake trend and gives a tutorial on how to assemble an ombre cake. Ombre colors revamp standard layered cakes, the descending colors from light to dark gives cakes a stunning effect. Start by making standard white cake you learned how to bake in [Read More…]


The Anatomy Of A Banh Mi Sandwich
If you’ve been keeping up with the Vietnamese food scene, you know the banh mi sandwich is a cult classic that made its way to the national spotlight a few years ago. This sandwich is still enjoyed by many, proving it to be far more than a fad. People like it so much they even [Read More…]


Escoffier Plating Winners Announced
October Top Plating Photos A monthly competition around student pictures is taking place each month. To encourage creative plating and culinary excellence, our mentors will be selecting one outstanding plating photo from each of the full programs, Culinary Fundamentals and Pastry Arts at the beginning of each month. Congratulations to the winners for the month [Read More…]


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