Keeping Up With – Healthier Menus, Homemade Extracts and Rice

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Here’s what we covered:

Fast Food Companies Still Lagging In Transition To Healthier Menus
If you needed yet another reason to pursue your online culinary certificate, a recent study from Yale University should be enough to give you that final nudge. [Read More…]


Give Homemade Extracts As Gifts For Your Family And Friends
Extracts that are bought from the store can cost a pretty penny these days. A tiny fluid ounce can cost up to $10 dollars, which adds up over time. Since spending that kind of cash isn’t always in the budget of a student enrolled in an [Read More…]


Exploring The Grainy Varieties Of Rice
Rice is as ubiquitous as food comes. According to the University of California, Davis, its history stretches back to 2500 B.C. Rice first found popularity in China, but has since traveled throughout the world and landed in many local cuisines. History of rice From China rice was then cultivated in Sri Lanka and India. Afterwards, it [Read More…]


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