Drink Trend: Spirits On Tap

Students attending online culinary programs are obtaining a foundation of knowledge essential to having a career in the food world. But it is also important to stay up-to-date on industry trends. In recent years, cocktails have been sprouting up on tap, alongside popular craft beers. But now a new wave of bars and lounges are choosing to put a range of eclectic spirits on draft.

Zagat recently published a list of popular establishments across the U.S. that have taken part in this trend. Here are a few:

Portland – The Rum Club in this Oregon city is a popular place to meet with friends and drink a cocktail. Now, you can try their herbal spirit called Becherovka on tap, mixed in with seasonal creations.

Chicago – In the second city you can find Green Chartreuse, which is another herbal liquor. It’s served dispensed from a keg that allows bottles to be retrofitted to work with the system.​ Malort is another spirit on draft in Chicago. It’s a wormwood-based drink that is bitter and has an acquired taste.

Austin – At a hotspot in Austin called CU29​, you can find a housemade brisket-infused bourbon. It’s soaked for over six months to achieve its flavor.

Last year, wine on tap became popular in the Chicago food scene. Vera, a restaurant in the city’s West Loop neighborhood, offers varietals poured from kegs to complement their Spanish menu. Elizabeth Mendez, Vera’s wine director, told the Chicago Tribune that the wave of draft craft beer proved the quality of the dispensing method. However, wine on tap isn’t new overseas. It has long been popular in European countries, where people often pour their wine bottles into kegs.

Thrillist reported that putting beverages on taps is a cost-effective beverage dispensing method. Not only does the food establishment save money on bottling and packaging, it also saves quite a bit of preparation time. Additionally, some bartenders say when cocktails sit longer in a mixed state, the spirits meld together producing a more flavorful beverage.

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