Keeping Up With – Pizza, The Wookie and Waffle Sushi

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Have Pizza In The Most Unusual Way
Pizza is a staple of human life in America. We have it a birthday parties, every different kind of sporting event you can imagine, parades, bar mitzvahs… generally any time you want to have some good fun, celebrate and feed a lot of people simultaneously. It’s a safe bet and always enjoyable, which can sometimes make [Read More…]


Top 5 Must-Have Baking Gadgets
In this video, Escoffier Online’s Chef Susie Wolak covers her top 5 most important baking gadgets to have in the kitchen while baking. Chef Susie’s must have tools include a rubber scraper, dishers (small, medium and large), a digital scale, a medium and small offset icing spatula, and parchment paper. Learn more about the importance of these tools and [Read More…]


Sweet Food Trends: The Wookie And Waffle Sushi
Possibly trying to capitalize on the popularity of recent confectionery creations like the cronut, bakers have introduced new sweets called the wookie and waffle sushi. Where does all this creativity come from? It may lie in the minds of young food lovers, but it’s nourished by the knowledge obtained when pursuing an online culinary school program. Here is all [Read More…]


Student Spotlight – Vania Parris
Meet Vania who is a Pastry Arts student with Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy. She is recently taking the online program to advance her skill set. To learn more about Vania I asked her a few questions about her baking passion and how her journey through the program is going. Here’s what she had to say! [Read More…]


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