Have Pizza In The Most Unusual Way

Pizza is a staple of human life in America. We have it a birthday parties, every different kind of sporting event you can imagine, parades, bar mitzvahs… generally any time you want to have some good fun, celebrate and feed a lot of people simultaneously. It’s a safe bet and always enjoyable, which can sometimes make people overlook the greatness of pizza. Whether you are an advanced culinary artist or just beginning classes for culinary school online, here are some ideas to keep those hungry mouths, and yours, begging for seconds.

Pizza for breakfast
Traditionally, pizza for breakfast is sort of taboo in the post-collegiate years. The good news is you don’t have to settle for cold leftovers slices when you have some really great options available to you. According to an article from FoodieNews, many restaurants are opening up to the idea of serving pizza with a breakfast spin. Well-known chains like Sbarro are offering pizzas with toppings as simple as bacon, sausage, egg and mozzarella. The restaurant Greenleaf is going one step further and creating specialty pies that include spicy turkey sausage, roasted potatoes, goat cheese spread, arugula, pecorino and sunny-side up eggs. Everybody wins.

Turkish-style pizza
You might have thought to yourself, “Wait, Turkey makes pizza?” Indeed,  it does. It’s called lahmacun (pronounced Lah-mah-jhun) and is every bit as delicious as its Italian counterpart. It could be made with minced beef or lamb, or be completely vegetarian. An assortment of onion, garlic, peppers, parsley, mint and tomatoes is added to the mix, and the tasty conglomerate of ingredients all meet together on a super-thin disk of twice-baked dough about the size of a tortilla. If you want to really impress your online cooking school buddies, introduce some feta cheese or some eggs and become a culinary superstar. As a snack or a meal, the flavors are something they won’t soon forget.

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