Sweet Food Trends: The Wookie And Waffle Sushi

Possibly trying to capitalize on the popularity of recent confectionery creations like the cronut, bakers have introduced new sweets called the wookie and waffle sushi. Where does all this creativity come from? It may lie in the minds of young food lovers, but it’s nourished by the knowledge obtained when pursuing an online culinary school program. Here is all you need to know about these two treats:

The wookie
Forget Star Wars, this treat is what happens when you mix a waffle with a cookie. It was dreamed up at a beer and waffle eatery in California called The Iron Press. The OC Weekly reported that the wookie is made when you stick a large cookie into a hot waffle iron. The creators top it with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Waffle sushi
It seems that waffles have grown pretty popular. Food Beast reported on an innovative play on sushi posted by a user on the recipe site Taste for Adventure. The instructions call for making pizzelles, or thin, decorative waffles. Take sliced fruit, like strawberries and bananas, and top with a layer of cream cheese spread before placing them on the pizzelles. Roll the waffle tightly, cut sushi-style and dip in maple syrup.

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