Boozy Desserts To Become America’s Sweet New Obsession

Whether it’s a beer, cocktail or glass of wine, the right alcoholic beverage can provide a great complement to your favorite foods. This idea has permeated the baking & pastry arts industries, and in 2013, culinary experts believe that boozy desserts will be one of the year’s hottest food trends. These recipes will bring an extra kick to butterscotch, pound cake, cupcakes and other simple sweets.

If you’re enrolled in online baking courses, try this trend in your home kitchen today! According to Kapow Events, boozy desserts have the flavor of your favorite liquors, but still have a minimal alcohol content. Most of the alcohol will burn off during the cooking process, leaving you with an amped up version of popular desserts.

This shift will also allow professional chefs to rethink traditional methods and start from scratch. According to Cooking Light, this will mean a fresh take on decadent desserts like truffles. Alcohol is commonly used in cooking to help add a richer flavor to recipes, and when this idea is used to enhance sweet ingredients like chocolate, caramel, fruits and vanilla, you will be able to notice and appreciate a flavor profile that pops.

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