Student News: Escoffier Apps Updated

Looking to enhance your Escoffier Online courses with your iPhone or iPad? Did you know that you can download free Escoffier apps?

Escoffier Chef’s Quiz:

Our newest app is the Escoffier Chef’s Quiz! Test your knowledge in this timed quiz in areas such as Equipment, Meat, Seafood, and Baking. Challenge your friends to see who can get the most points by answering quickly and correctly. This app is a great way to review what you’ve learned in the online course.


Escoffier Culinary Library:

All Escoffier students are able to access their course material in eBook form on the website, but the Escoffier Culinary Library allows you to download your favorite course materials to view anywhere, on the go! This app is free to download and comes preloaded with a recipe guide containing 29 of our favorite dishes. Additional course books can be purchased for $2.99 each, or you can purchase the content of the entire course for $49.99


Escoffier Cook’s Companion:

Looking for something new? The Escoffier Cook’s Companion is the perfect tool to help you in the kitchen! This app combines comprehensive lists of ingredients, equipment, and culinary terms for quick lookup when you’re in the middle of a recipe. The converter tool allows you to easily calculate temperature, solid weight, liquid measure, and length between various metric and standard units. The timer allows you to keep track of all the individual items you have cooking with different sounds (just make sure your volume hasn’t been muted)! Best of all, this app is completely free! Why not try it out for your next assessment?


All of these apps can be found on the iTunes app store, with more planned for the future. Check the blog often for more information!

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