Flavor Tripping With The Miracle Berry

You might want to consider incorporating the miracle berry into the foods you prepare while you are enrolled in an online culinary school. It’s not every day you come across an ingredient that has the ability to change your palette. It seems like something magicians would use to fool their participants! However, miracle berry is accessible to everyone.

The wild berry plant has a protein that can keep a sour taste from reaching your taste buds and instead produces a sweet flavor. When mixed with miracle berry, many spicy or bitter foods taste like dessert!

The berry was first used by the European explorer Chevalier des Marchais in Africa in 1725. When he was in West Africa, Marchais noticed the tribespeople eating the fruit prior to their meals. Cornbread, oatmeal and palm wine would miraculously turn sweet and flavorful with the miracle berry.

Today, the miracle berry can be found in restaurants in cities like San Diego and Chicago where chefs specially prepare items to pair with the magical ingredient. Restaurant goers can enjoy the gastro-centric dish after it is explained by the waiter. The berry can be transformed into a powder or consumed as a pill.

Additionally, the berry may aid in weight loss efforts as it could make potentially unfavorable foods sweet and delicious. Would you use the same amount of sugar in dishes knowing that a miracle berry could make savory items sweet?

If you want to test this theory for yourself, try taking a plain glass of water with lemon and adding one serving of the miracle berry. quickly drinking the water and lemon mix. What do you have? Lemonade without any added sugar! The miracle berry can be bought online through various retailers like Amazon. The cost is roughly $2 per berry.

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