Wedding Cake Trends

In this video, Escoffier Online’s Chef Susie Wolak discusses the 2013 wedding cake trends. Just like centerpieces, cakes are becoming a decorative piece. Many brides are asking for lace appliques on their cakes to match aspects of their wedding dress and to incorporate their sense of fashion. Chef Susie makes edible lace out of fondant by using silicone molds and pressing it directly into the fondant. While the lace adds a bit of a romantic feel, top your cake off with fresh flowers to add vibrancy and life to the cake. Or add bows and monograms for a personal touch on your special day.

Not only are the cake decorations important the flavoring of wedding cake is equally as important. Red velvet is a standing favorite as well as passion fruit and mango for the fillings. Try a few of these newest trends and you will be sure to have your guest raving about your wedding cake.

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