Miniature Desserts Stay On Trend In 2013

Every year, the baking & pastry arts industries find ways to keep sweets exciting by creating new trends and must-have desserts that everyone wants to try. First came the cookie, then the cupcake, and for 2013, many bakers are predicting that miniature sweets will be the new “hot” dessert.

The bite-sized dessert trend started to become popular toward the end of 2011 when Bakerella released a cookbook called “Cake Pop” with scrumptious pictures of decorated mini cake balls on sticks. Starbucks coffee picked up the idea and started selling cake pops in their stores across the country. Only a few months into 2013, it seems that the single-serve mini dessert trend can now be seen everywhere. Your favorite treats, ranging from cupcakes to donuts and everything in between, are being baked in smaller sizes that can satisfy your sweet tooth on the go.

According to Dallas News, this baking trend has even hit the restaurant scene. Chefs are serving their signature decadent desserts by plating them in smaller portions. Consumers love the miniature dessert trend because it allows them to eat their favorite fancy sweets – like tiramisu, red velvet cake or homemade ice cream – without overindulging.

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