2013 Wedding Cake Trends

If you’re interested in cooking schools online because you want to master the exciting world of baking & pastry arts, then it might be wise to stay on top of the hottest wedding cake trends this year.

Becoming a pastry chef means that at one point or another, you might be asked to bake and design a wedding cake. For 2013, the trends are changing for this classic “big day” staple, according to Bridal Guide. The silhouettes that many couples are going for at the moment are tall and slender with several towering layers – think four or five.

Flavor profiles are also changing for wedding cakes. Some brides are still opting for traditional vanilla, chocolate or red velvet, but keep your eye out for exotic flavors like passion fruit or mango to begin entering the baking scene.

Just like centerpieces and the reception space, cakes are becoming a decorative piece as well. Bows, monograms, appliqués and flowers are all making their way onto these confections. Some brides are even using aspects of their wedding dress – such as lace – on their cakes to mirror fashion and decor themes.

Staying on top of wedding cake trends can help you master your skills once you’re finished with your culinary arts programs.

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