The Best Fruits And Veggies For Spring

With warmer weather on its way and beautiful blooms beginning to sprout, you may be thinking about ways to use fresh spring produce for your cooking recipes. Spring is a fantastic time for cuisine, because there are many delicious and beautiful fruits and veggies that are ripe for the picking!

Real Simple magazine highlighted a few gems that are perfect for you to utilize in your easy cooking recipes:

Perfect artichokes are made with a zesty vinaigrette or just plain melted butter, you can’t go wrong with this deep green vegetable. Cooks agree that this vegetable keeps fresh in the fridge for up to one week. To prepare, simply steam until fork-tender.

Cherries are great in a variety of ways. You can cook them down into a perfect sauce for duck or pork, use them as a delicious filling for homemade pies or simply serve them with a sprig of mint over ice cream. Make sure to clean these ruby red favorites right before preparation.

Naturally healthy and dark green, spinach is versatile and can keep in your fridge for several days. You can steam or saute​e the leaves for a beautiful side dish or serve them raw as a base for your favorite salads.

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