Short Stack Cookbooks Are The Latest In Food Journals

A surge in food journals is hitting the culinary scene, and a new cookbook idea is trying to gain some leverage through a Kickstarter campaign. The series, titled “Short Stack,” is the brainchild of Nick Fauchald, and each book is dedicated to a special ingredient and written by a single author. Fauchald is hoping to raise $50,000 in his campaign so the books can hit the shelves by August, according to Grubstreet.

Fauchald already has three editions ready to go, including “Eggs,” by writer Ian Knauer; “Tomatoes,” by hospitality consultant Soa Davies and “Strawberries,” by author and food stylist Susan Spungen. Created for those who want to learn to cook at home, or perhaps are taking an online culinary course, the books are meant to inspire home cooks to create original recipes with specific ingredients. Each book, according to the Short Stack website, is supposed to be given as a gift or collected. The first three books are bound by colorful twine and printed locally.

So far, the Kickstarter campaign has 267 backers who have, in total, pledged $18,868 toward the goal. Donations will last for another 23 days.

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