Second Christina Tosi cookbook on the horizon

Culinary academy students and home cooks alike can rejoice with the news that Christina Tosi, baker for the Momofuku empire, has a second cookbook hitting shelves in April 2015. Her first cookbook, simply titled "Momofuku Milk Bar," compiled many of the fantastic dessert recipes for which the bakeries by the same name became known. With her second collection, titled "Milk Bar Life," Tosi has put together a blend of sweet treats for which she's known and savory dishes. For those outside of Momofuku's inner circle, Tosi's cookbooks provide some insight into one of the most innovative and creative restaurant empires in the world. 

Who is Christina Tosi? 
Tosi is an accomplished culinary icon. As chef and co-owner of Momofuku Milk Bar, Tosi's central bakery supplies all of David Chang's Momofuku restaurants with desserts. Momofuku Milk Bar has six retail outlets in New York City, as well as a winter pop up location, a bakery in Toronto and an outpost is scheduled to soon open in Washington D.C. along with a new Momofuku restaurant. Before joining Chang's enterprise, Tosi worked in some of New York's most respected eateries, including Bouley and the experimental gastronomic restaurant wd-50. 

'Milk Bar Life'  
Tosi's second collection of recipes is more focused on dishes that can easily be made at home than "Momofuku Milk Bar." In an interview with Eater, Tosi explained that her first Momofuku cookbook was rather technical and that she wanted readers to feel connected to the bakery's hallmark desserts. In contrast, the blend of sweet and savory dishes found in "Milk Bar Life" are designed to be more accessible to those without advanced culinary knowledge. 

Tosi told Eater, "Most of these recipes are recipes from our homes… from our aunts, uncles, or our friends' homes. On that level, it's with the home cook in mind, but more than anything I want to share these recipes. It's meant to be a book that can be a cookbook, it can be a picture book, it can be a storybook. Hopefully it's a call to action in terms of inspiring people to get into the kitchen and have a really good time."

"Milk Bar Life" is scheduled to arrive in bookstores on April 7, 2015, and can also be preordered on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Indiebound. 

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