‘Bob’s Burgers’ cookbook is on the horizon

The cult television show “Bob’s Burgers” has long been lauded for its use of goofy humor, especially the puns that can be found on the daily specials board throughout the show. Centered around a greasy spoon owned by the Belcher family, “Bob’s Burgers”  tackles pop culture with specials ranging from “Blue Is The Warmest Cheese Burger” to “Kales From The Crypt.” This left many fans wondering what the burger specials would taste like in real life. One fan of the show, Cole Bowden, decided to find out himself, and founded the popular blog The Bob’s Burger Experiment.

On the blog, Bowden developed his own interpretations of the culinary delights listed on “Bob’s Burgers,” and soon garnered an avid following. In fact, The Bob’s Burger Experiment even caught the attention of the show’s creator, Loren Bouchard. In time, the duo got in touch so that Bowden could create his burger recipes before a new show aired. This collaboration has now led to the creation of an official “Bob’s Burgers” Cookbook, in which Bowden will provide the recipes and Bouchard the illustrations.

The cookbook 
While the cookbook is still in early development, Bowden already has an arsenal of successful burger recipes. In speaking with NPR’s The Salt, Bouchard noted that Bowden’s hard work made the decision to create the cookbook rather easy:

“The work he has done deserves to be printed and bound and put up on a shelf somewhere,” Bouchard explained. “He’s done so much culinary heavy lifting, we wouldn’t do it without Cole.”

The source notes that Rizzoli has signed on to publish the cookbook. For fans, the book will be a perfect opportunity to enjoy the best of Bowden’s recipes without as much experimentation as the blog. Bowden is quick to note that not every burger is a success, and by compiling his recipes he’ll be able to toss aside some of his less tasty ideas. Interestingly enough, Bouchard hasn’t tried any of the burger recipes himself, because his wife is a vegetarian and his children adhere to a similar diet.

“If I made burgers, it would be for myself, and that sounds selfish,” he told The Salt.

In the meantime, for those who want to learn to cook online, check out The Bob’s Burger Experiment for some of Bowden’s many recipes.

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