Girl Scouts visit Super Bowl, sell record amount of cookies in 24 hours

When you think of Super Bowl weekend food you probably don’t think of cookies, or much from the baking and pastry arts at all really. Cookies sound like a good idea though, right? So good, in fact, that about 600 Girl Scout troops from Arizona Cactus-Pine have unofficially broken the Guinness World Record for most cookies sold in 24 hours by selling their cookies to Super Bowl fans during the weekend of the big game.

The unofficial record-breaking day
According to the Girls Scouts, between Friday Jan, 30 at 3 p.m. to Saturday Jan. 31 at 3 p.m.  the young ladies sold $355,024 worth of cookies over the course of one day during Super Bowl weekend. When the girls petitioned Guinness to create a record for most cookies sold in 24 hours, Guinness replied they must sell at least $75,000 in order for it to happen. When the scouts set out to accomplish the most cookies ever sold, their goal was even more than the necessary amount, at $100,000, or 49 boxes of cookies per girl in the involved troops. They more than tripled their goal and sold around 88,756 boxes in just 24 hours.

The thousands of Scouts set up booths and sold at every Fry’s Food Store in Arizona, as well as hospitality venues, in their neighborhoods and at Super Bowl Central. In an interview with ABC, the Girl Scouts-Arizona Cactus-Pine Council communications manager Heather Thornton said the girls also canvassed area restaurants, Cityscape and a major car show.

A previous official record does not exist because the category did not exist until the troops petitioned to add it. There are other records for selling the most items but not one for cookies. The category they hope to soon officially claim is “Most Money Raised for a Charity through the Sale of cookies in 24 Hours.”

In order to record an official Guinness World Record, the proper documentation must be sent to the U.K. Guinness office, where it is approved and then announced. The Girl Scouts must submit photos of the scouts selling throughout the valley along with written accounts of the event and deposit slips from the incredible sales day in order for the record to be considered. When Thornton spoke with Guinness to establish the new category, she was told the process can take around eight to 10 weeks from submission to approval. The troops are gathering their evidence to ship off to the U.K. with high hopes that their hard work and determination will earn them an entirely new kind of badge: an official Guinness World Record.

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