Quick And Easy Appetizers For Game Day

Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or just enjoy getting together with friends for the big game, chances are, you’ll be making some appetizers to share this weekend. While we all love cheese balls and buffalo wings, your friends will be expecting something a little more creative from a culinary academy student. Here are some simple dishes you can whip up quickly, while still impressing everyone in attendance:

Change up your game day snacks.Change up your game day snacks.

Crab red pepper bites: These one-bite apps from Betty Crocker are a perfect addition to an appetizer table that typically consists of the most savory, cheesy options. To assemble these, just cut a couple of bell peppers into bite-sized pieces, and mix together cream cheese, Greek yogurt, basil, green onion, lemon zest and juice, imitation crab meat and cayenne pepper. Simply spoon this mixture atop each piece of pepper and top them with a basil leaf for looks!

Rosemary pecans: Most people find themselves gorging on chips at social gatherings because they’re in reaching distance. Not only is this an unhealthy option, but it’s also pretty boring. Try these rosemary pecans from Real Simple instead. They’re simple to make and just as flavorful as any chip. Just melt butter in a skillet or pot and mix sugar, cayenne pepper and salt before pouring in the pecans to coat them. Arrange the pecans onto a baking sheet and allow them to roast, and then top them with rosemary.

Egg rolls: We all love ordering egg rolls at restaurants, but few of us ever make our own. Taste of Home offers up a pretty easy option, though, made with just pork sausage, veggies, teriyaki sauce, egg roll wrappers and canola oil. Make sure you cook the sausage thoroughly and wrap the meat, vegetable and teriyaki sauce tightly in the egg roll wrappers before frying them in oil in the skillet. Serve them alongside sweet and sour sauce and some extra teriyaki sauce.

Prosciutto mango bites: When’s the last time you watched a sporting event while snacking on fruit? It might sound strange, but these mango bites from My Recipes may very well become a favorite! Made with just a mango, arugula, prosciutto, and pepper, you can throw these together ten minutes before you’re set to leave the house.

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