Puppy Bowl treats for your canine friends

Not everyone is into watching a bunch of burly dudes chase a football around a field. That is why the Puppy Bowl was invented. Instead of screaming and cheering and accidentally spilling your drink during the rowdy Super Bowl, opt to “ooh” and “aww” at a bunch of cutie-pie puppies chasing their tails and playing. You can still use your baking and pastry arts skills to entertain visitors. Make canine-friendly treats so your four-legged friends can enjoy the big day too!

Peanut butter pupcicles
Dogs love licking. They lick their owners, strangers, the floor, the couch, their feet and anything that comes into their paths. Give your home and family a break by providing your dog with a frozen treat to lap away at. Canine guru Cesar Milan combines melted peanut butter and yogurt in a bowl and mixes it together. Pour it into cupcake liners and place in the freezer. Wait until it’s frozen and give your dog a chilly treat to brighten up its​ day. You’ll want to make these the night before the Puppy Bowl in order for them to be fully frozen and ready for consumption.

Woof Loaf
Pop Sugar has created a dog treat that is full of protein, vitamins and nutrients to bring canine snacking to a whole new level. Combine ground turkey, carrots and frozen peas and layer the mix at the bottom of a bread pan. Then add three boiled eggs without the shells. Cover with another layer of the turkey/veggie mixture and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes. Let the loaf cool before serving it to your Puppy Bowl audience. This recipe is super quick and good for your dog’s digestion. Cats also dig this dish. Don’t forget about your feline pals!

When people gather on game days, they often have a veggie platter and dip. Why not make one for your pets too? Carrots, pea pods, green beans and sweet potatoes are delicious and offer your pets plenty of nutrients vital to their health. Iron, vitamins K,C and A, fiber, folic acid and calcium can be found in these tasty veggies. See which ones your pets like and treat them with a small handful of them.

The cool thing about making your own dog treats? They’re cheaper than the store-bought kind and you know every ingredient. You can easily cater to your pup’s preferences and avoid any allergens that might irritate it. Homemade treats are especially great for dogs with strict diets or who have diabetes or trouble digesting wheat.

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