The Best Tablet Stands And Wall Mounts For Your Digital Cookbook

Most culinary academy students love a good cookbook, but these beautiful examples of publishing can be bulky and heavy – not exactly ideal when when your ingredients are spread out over your prep space. Enter: technology. With tablets and e-readers moving in on the print market, you can store dozens of cookbooks in one, light device. Of course, these gadgets can be fragile, so keeping them out of the splash zone is a necessity. Check out these stands and mounts ideal for the tech-savvy chef:

Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Mount

The space beneath your kitchen cabinets is often underutilized, but it can come in handy when working off of a recipe. The Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Mount attaches to the underside of your cupboards and holds your tablet or e-reader at eye level. Best of all, this mount doesn’t require you to make any permanent changes to your cabinets. Rather than using screws, the mount holds on with a powerful clamp. This makes installation a cinch, not to mention the product is perfect for renters. The mount also adjusts to fit a variety of tablet sizes.

CTA Digital Bamboo Adjustable Kitchen Stand

iPad users can combine their e-reader stand and knife storage into one accessory: the CTA Digital Bamboo Adjustable Kitchen Stand. This wood tool features a slot for your iPad in the front and spaces to store your knives on the top. These two features save space on your counter since you won’t need a separate knife and tablet stand. What’s more, because the stand is adjustable, everyone in your home can get a screen angle that works for them.

Person holding a tablet next to a cup of coffee.Your tablet will be safer in the kitchen with a stand or mount.

Aidata Magnetic Fridge Mount

Save counter space by mounting your tablet on the fridge. The Aidata mount uses powerful magnets and features an actuating arm that lets you adjust the screen angle as needed. The mount fits 7-10-inch devices and is a dark gray color that matches most metal refrigerators. Like the Belkin mount, the Aidata magnetic tool won’t leave lasting marks on your kitchen and is safe for renters. When you aren’t cooking, the mount turns your tablet into a kitchen TV where you can stream shows or play music.

Prepara iPrep Stand

The Prepara stand folds, fits most devices – including phones – and comes with a stylus that prevents you from getting ingredients all over your screen. When you’re not using the stand, simply fold it up and put in a drawer. It may take up counter space while in use, but the stand itself is small, covering about 6 square inches. Furthermore, the stand features rubber feet that grip to your counter and prevent sliding.

Monoprice Universal Mount

Whether you want you attach your tablet to a cabinet or wall, the Monoprice Universal Mount is compatible. However, you must attach this tool using screws, so it’s best for homeowners or leases that allow you to drill into your walls. The mount can hold most e-readers and tablets and lets you adjust the arm and screen position for the perfect orientation.

Combining tech and cooking is the future of the modern kitchen. If you’ve been struggling to read your tablet without covering it in egg, these mounts and stands could be game changers.

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