How to get your grill ready for spring

It’s finally happening. The sun is out, the temperature is going up and snow is melting away rapidly. You know what that means… grilling season is just around the corner!  It is important to learn about different methods of cooking while attending culinary arts school online, from pan frying to using an oven and even a grill. Here are some tips for getting your grill ready for all the tasty foods you’re going to cook this spring:

Avoid chemicals
When you clean your house with bleach, it maintains that chemical smell for a while afterwards. Similarly, your grill will produce a cleaning-product smell the next time you use it if you use an oven cleaner or chemical scrub. These products can also harm stainless steel or paint, so try to stay away from products that could do more damage than good. Chemical cleaners can even affect the taste of the next food you cook. Stick to simple water and dish soap to remove dirt and grime without damaging the grill and your next dish.

Steam clean
The best way to clean your grill may be the easiest! Place a pie tin or baking tray filled with water inside your grill, and turn it on so that the water boils. Place the cover on the unit or close the lid. The steam that rises from the pan will work to remove the baked-on coating of sauce, veggies, grease and meat that likely resides on your grill from last season. Just be careful to leave a vent open a crack so the steam can get out. After letting the water boil about 10 minutes, turn off the heat and allow the grill to sit for 30 minutes. Do not open the grill right away or you may get scalded. Waiting permits the steam buildup to dissipate as the grill’s temperature falls . After a bit, take off the lid and use a scrubber to remove the grease and grime that the steam helped loosen.

Check your grease tray
Consider lining your grease tray with aluminum foil and a bit of kitty litter. This will help prevent grease fires and keep your drop tray clean, since you can easily remove the dirty layer by taking out the foil when needed. The flavor of your homework for online chef courses can be greatly affected by the smell emanating from your grill. If all your nose senses is old grease, you will not enjoy the meal as much as if you had a thoroughly cleansed drip tray. You may be surprised how much this factor affects the taste and smell of your meal.

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