4 Great Ideas for Grilling

The season for barbecuing is upon us. For many, that means throwing a few hot dogs on the griddle and kicking back. This year, though, you should take advantage of all you have learned from online cooking courses. Try out one of these ideas when you gather friends and family around the grill:

1. Step up your chicken
There are plenty of simple ways that you can pack your grilled chicken with fantastic taste. The Food Network’s Tyler Florence recommended a garlic-herb dressing that requires some indoor preparation beforehand. Combine two heads of garlic with olive oil, salt, pepper and a little water in an aluminum foil pouch. Roast the garlic for about 30 minutes in an oven set to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, puree the garlic with olive oil, thyme, parsley and lemon juice to create a vinaigrette.

While the grill heats, marinate the chicken itself in olive oil and salt and pepper. Set the poultry on the griddle with the skin down. Let the meat cook for about 20 minutes, and then baste it with half of the dressing. Grill the chicken for another 15 to 20 minutes before serving it with the rest of the dressing. Florence advised finishing of the dish with some grilled radicchio and lemon halves.

Barbecue, prepared meat and different vegetables an grill

2. Perfect your steak
Cooking steaks on the grill can result in exceptional flavor and a satisfying sear. However, Serious Eats suggested taking a somewhat unconventional approach by slow-smoking a porterhouse. This cooking method is commonly used for tougher cuts, like pork shoulder, but it can also contribute fantastic taste to a thick piece of beef.

The directions call for heavily seasoning the meat with salt and pepper. Then, cook the steaks in a covered grill over an indirect heat of 175 to 200 degrees for about two hours. Switch to high, direct heat, giving the meat a nice char all over by cooking on each side for 45 seconds.

3. Add flavor to potatoes
Fine Cooking pointed out that while successfully grilled potatoes are remarkable for their taste and texture, it’s a challenge to avoid burning the exterior. One way to get around this is by simmering the potatoes first. Then, you can just add a golden-brown crust on the grill. Otherwise, you can alternate between direct and indirect heat, keeping an eye out for the potatoes to grow tender. Finally, the easiest method is to wrap the tasty tubers in foil with your favorite seasonings and leave them on a covered grill for about 40 minutes.

Rack of lamb on grill

4. Master grilled salmon
When you add the right glaze, nicely grilled salmon fillets become irresistible. Food & Wine presented Jamie Bissonnette’s easy but delicious variation on honey mustard. Prepare the sauce by whisking together Dijon and whole-grain mustard, soy sauce, garlic, honey and thyme.

Apply canola oil and salt and pepper to the fish, and place them with the skin down on a medium heat for three minutes. Flip and cook the salmon for another three minutes before brushing on the sauce. Allow about a minute for the fish to glaze before taking it off the heat.

When you have a grill and a little imagination, the possibilities for great dishes are endless. Any of these options will ensure everyone at your barbecue appreciates the skills you’ve developed in culinary academy.

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