An Eggscellent Ingredient

As any student at a culinary academy knows, eggs are a versatile protein that extends a profile far beyond breakfast. They can be found in several kinds of dishes during any time of the day. Eggs have been used in recipes around the world for centuries and are quite delicious, too. For something as common and simple as the egg, there are many kinds of varieties to choose from. Deciding between factors such as organic, free-range or conventional eggs can be easy since most people make this decision based on their personal philosophies. However, knowing which bird’s egg is best suited to a particular dish is something that students will have to experiment with while they learn to cook online.

The chicken egg is the most well​-known and commonly consumed egg. An easy way to add flavor, chicken eggs are also good sources of protein, B vitamins, antioxidants and other minerals. Some people will only eat the whites because the yolks are high in cholesterol; however, doing so will cut out other nutrients found in eggs such as calcium, vitamins A and D, phosphorous and folate.

Duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs and as a result contain more protein and other nutrients. This variety has become quite the hot commodity in the foodie scene in recent years. Their flavor tends to be much richer than chicken eggs, making them a popular choice for many chefs in high-end restaurants. They can make cakes and pastries fluffier and creamier while enhancing their flavor. Be careful not to go overboard on substituting duck for chicken, though, as their eggs are very high in fat and cholesterol.

Emu eggs are much larger than most people are used to cooking with and have dark greenish-black shells – a far cry from the conventional egg at the grocery store. They have a stronger flavor than chicken eggs, yet they are mild​-tasting. Emu eggs can be cooked and prepared the same way a chicken egg can. If you want to show off some new skills from your online cooking courses, featuring poached or hard-cooked emu eggs will surely impress all your guests.

The smallest of the choices on this list, quail eggs are much more delicate than other commonly used eggs. They taste similar to chicken eggs, but their miniature, bespeckled appearance makes them desirable for gourmet recipes. With a rich flavor and high nutritional content, quail eggs are a popular choice for giving any dish an instant touch of elegance.

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