Duck Eggs: The New, Alterna-Trend For 2013

Chicken eggs are a staple ingredient in many online cooking courses, but that may change in 2013. Foodies in influential markets note that one of the year’s largest trends is a shift away from chicken eggs in favor of their larger, more flavorful cousin – the duck egg. According to Bon Appetit, this alterna-egg is popping up in restaurants and grocery stores all across the country.

“There’s an ultimate richness to the duck egg that’s just so much better,” Matthew Gaudet, chef at West Bridge in Cambridge, Massachusetts, told the source.

On NBC’s The Today Show, Adam Rappaport, editor in chief of Bon Appetit, said that chicken eggs are “so 2012.” Duck eggs have many benefits over other eggs, including a richer flavor, the fact that they are almost always pasteurized and raised organically, and their ability to make dishes like pasta carbonara – where the egg is the star of the show – have a noticeably better taste.

It is interesting to note that duck eggs have larger yolks and whiter whites than chicken eggs. Next time your online culinary course calls for a fried egg, try out this new hot variety: You may find a new favorite ingredient.

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