Tips On Keeping Foods Fresh Longer

Making the most out of the fresh produce and meat in your fridge is one of the biggest challenges you will face when you learn how to cook.

Whether you’re trying to come up with creative dishes or simply want to get the most out of basic cooking, these tips from Mother Earth Living could help you reduce the amount of food waste in your home.

  • Buy local produce. It’s pretty simple: Foods that are grown closer to you last longer than foods that are shipped.
  • Rinse leafy greens before storing. Spinning and storing lettuces in the fridge will help them last longer.
  • Got apples that are about to turn? Make a pie with them.
  • Take your excess basil and parsley and make a delicious pesto.
  • Plan your meals in order of what needs to be eaten first.
  • You can triple of the life of green onions by storing them in a jar of water on the counter.
  • To keep fancy cheeses from drying out, rub butter on the cut sides of the slice.
  • Wash berries with just a bit of vinegar and loads of water before putting them in the fridge.
  • Keep the air out of sour cream and cottage cheese packages by storing the tubs upside down.
  • According to Pioneer Thinking, you can keep peeled banana slices fresh by dipping them in lime or oranges

Susie Wolak, Chef Mentor with  Escoffier Online shared her insight with US News & World Report on strategies to stop wasting food. Chef Susie shows us how to embrace your leftovers. She says, if you know you’re likely to have leftovers, “start planning ahead what you’ll be able to make. That beef roast from dinner can be slicked for barbecue beef sandwiches the next day. The ham dinner can be diced for ham-salad sandwiches the next day. The mashed potatoes can be made into dumplings by adding egg yolks and flour and rolled into small balls boiled and served with a marinara sauce.”


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