Online Vs. Onsite Culinary Training

At Escoffier Online we offer 100% online Culinary Arts and Pastry Arts Programs. Many people when thinking about attending a culinary school may not have the time or resources to attend an onsite campus. Escoffier Online students find that online training was their best option because it is affordable, flexible and accessible.

Vince Cibotti a Graduate of the Online Culinary Arts program states, ” I signed up for the Escoffier Culinary Arts course because as a chef, you should know all the essentials to run a kitchen and the Escoffier name speaks for itself. Being the course is online makes it possible for me to work and attend a culinary school at the same time because you do your classes at your own convenience. I am on my last part of the course and I can honestly tell you it is well worth the money. I really am learning what I need to know to run a kitchen. I would highly recommend the course for anybody who wants to be a chef but doesn’t have the time to attend a full-time culinary school.”

In this video we answer some of your questions of  how online learning is an option for those who can’t attend an onsite campus, how online learning compares to a brick and mortar school and how the cost of Escoffier Online compares to onsite tuition?

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