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First Escoffier Online Graduate Becomes Sous Chef

Megan Alig is Escoffier Online’s very first graduate. She has recently been hired as a Sous Chef at Events 2020 after graduating from the culinary arts program! Hear her story on how the program has helped her in the industry and in her new position:

“I didn’t think I could do my training online at first, but I decided to give it a shot and realized it was very beneficial to me because I could do it at my own pace and still have that one-on-one time with the chef mentors. They were a huge part of my success. 

I feel like I got just as much of an education going through the online program as I would have spending $80,000 on a two-year program. With the program online you can take your time, which is what I was looking for being a full time mother and having a full time job. I can say the online program at Escoffier has been very instrumental in helping me move forward in my career.”

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