Escoffier Online: The Employer’s Perspective

Megan Alig is a Culinary Arts Graduate at Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy and is recently enrolled in the Pastry program. After Megan graduated from the online culinary program she was in search for a job in the industry. She took her Escoffier certificate and e-portfolio into Events 2020 and was hired to work the flight kitchen for Master’s week in Augusta, Georgia. Shortly after that Event’s 2020 and Executive Chef, Casi Viller hired Megan back on board for a permanent position as their catering Sous Chef. Megan is now in charge of preparing food for major sporting events, local corporate events and private jets.

Learning about Megan’s hiring success after graduating from the online culinary program we wanted to discover the employer’s perspective. Escoffier Online traveled to Augusta, Georgia to interview those that hired Megan. Executive Chef, Casi Viller and Linda Shafer, Office Manager of Events 2020 shared their perspective on online culinary education and thoughts on hiring students after attending an online culinary program.

“The culinary program online helped her a lot. I think it is a  pretty great program. I think it will work for anybody actually. If you want to do it at home it is fine, online does help people a lot. I think it is a good program and a good idea.” Casi Viller, Executive Chef of Events 2020

“I would hire online training chefs here, we would take another one if we could fine another Megan!” Linda Shafer, Office Manager

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