Student Spotlight: Megan Schlickman

Megan Schlickman photoMegan Schlickman was the very first graduate from Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy and is now a Corporate Sous Chef for the Kroger Company in Augusta, Georgia. We hope you enjoy her very inspiring story!

My journey started 25 years ago when I started working in restaurants as a busser. I moved up to server in fine dining and then manager. Five years ago I was devastated by the death of my oldest daughter, Amanda. It was extremely unexpected. I thought I would never recover. Two years later I found my passion for food. I went to a college for Culinary Arts and had two amazing instructors, but just not enough class time and hands on. I learned a lot about the industry and business aspect but wanted more. I went online looking to further my education. I was directed to Escoffier and their tutorial. Enter my favorite admissions guy, Josh. The fact is that it was well done and affordable were both important. I had recently divorced and have three more children. I had already spent all of my money on the other two programs and still felt I needed more. Being able to go at your own pace was monumental. I finished the course in a little under 3 months. I put everything I had into that course. I am doing the same with the Baking and Pastry Program I’m now enrolled in.

I am the very first graduate of the Escoffier Online program in the world. No one else can ever say that. Things in life happen for a reason. You can let life defeat you, or conquer it. I chose to take mine back.  The harder I have worked, the more it is paying off. I am currently the Columbia County, Georgia, Chef for the Chefs Move to Schools Program. This is a program through the ACF teaching children nutrition. I am a mentor for Skills USA and my girl Allison won gold last year. I have won 2 cook offs and 2 Iron Chef title’s at a local restaurant. I am in a cook off next week for the Wounded Warriors Project also. I take my American Culinary Certification next week and I have worked for a private specialty catering company for the last year as an apprentice. I have worked with US Foods and McCormick’s spice company as a Chef. I am currently enrolled in an Associates program with the hopes of being an instructor when I’m more polished. I have been blessed to have turned my career into my dream. It is so amazing to go to work and do what I am passionate about.

None of these things would have been possible had I not furthered my education and continued to pursue it. The experience through this program has made me feel like I’m in an actual classroom setting. I would like to give a special thanks to Chef Mark. Even though he is way up in Chicago, he has really been there to talk to about my job, my work as a Chef, and my school. Thank you again.

I still am having a difficult time when someone says, ”Hi Chef, How are you?”, I think, “ Oh yeah, that’s me. “  I love the sound of CHEF!”

Chef Megan Schlickman
Graduate July 24, 2012

We thank Megan for sharing this great success story with us! Check out more of our student spotlight stories to see why our students chose online training and where they have ended up after completing the online program! If you have a story to share or would like to learn more about our program, please contact us at (877) 452-5489 or [email protected].

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