Kids’ Menus Becoming More Adult-Themed In 2013

Part of being a student in online culinary programs is learning to cook for all diners – including children. However, according to the Sterling-Rice Group, your future kids’ menus may not be what you expect.

One of the biggest trends predicted for 2013 is a changing landscape for kids’ menus. In the past, favorites like macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets and hot dogs seemed to dominate the cuisine that children were consuming at restaurants. However, with a growing population of parents more concerned with what their children are eating, many restaurants across the country are making their kids’ menus healthier and more grown-up.

Some menus are beginning to use authentic fish and chips instead of the usual fish sticks, and are utilizing healthy, kid-friendly Asian alternatives like skewers, potstickers and noodle bowls. In fact, at Big Bowl in Chicago, chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce is part of a kids combo meal.

Because parents are becoming more aware of upcoming food trends, it makes sense that children’s menus will change as well. To get a jumpstart in your online culinary courses, it could be wise to rethink traditional kids’ foods and come up with alternative – and kid-friendly – ways to get children excited about great cuisine.

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