Jeremiah Tower's Escoffier Interview

Escoffier Online sits down with Chef Jeremiah Tower, the father of American cuisine to discuss his culinary journey, his thoughts on online culinary training and the advice he would give culinary school graduates.

In our recent interview with Jeremiah we asked about the online program and how he perceives an online culinary graduate. Jeremiah states, “I believe that Escoffier Online is the future of not just culinary education but of all education.”The fact that I can be in my whole kitchen and learn in twice the speed, I think it’s the best thing that has happened in decades. Last year if someone came to me looking for a job and said I have this online certificate I would have said so what, but that’s before I found out about the online culinary school. Now, I think it takes a more interesting person that would select the online program and go through it, so I would be very excited to talk with them!”

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