Chef’s Corner: Shrimp and Fish

Escoffier Online’s chefs help answer real cooking questions. Whether if has to do with cooking techniques, recipes or technology questions about our fully online program our chefs are here to help our students! For this Chef’s Corner our chefs help answer your shrimp and fish questions.

1. My salmon was coated in white creamy stuff after I seared it, did that mean my salmon wasn’t properly cooked?

Escoffier Chef: The white creamy liquid you see is the fat from the salmon, the intramuscular marbling that exudes in the cooking process. All is well. You can remove it by brushing it off.

2. How does the technique differ when searing salmon with the skin on?

Escoffier Chef: This is the same technique. Only difference with leaving the skin on is to add a bit more crunch and will make the fish appear to have more of a brown color to it. Many times people leave the skin on to tell what kind of fish it is.

3. Can I use frozen wild caught salmon when pan searing my salmon?

Escoffier Chef: Frozen wild caught salmon is ideal for this preparation. Defrost under refridge only (not in water).

4. We are not fans of asparagus, is there anything I can use instead for the salmon?

Escoffier Student: Green beans would be a good substitute.

5. Can I make the shrimp on the grill instead of the oven, I do not have a broiler pan.

Escoffier Chef: Yes, one can grill shrimp on a BBQ. Be sure to soak the skewers overnight in water to reduce burning of the ends.

6. Can I season my salmon over night?

Escoffier Chef: Salt should not be used overnight. It will draw out moisture and toughen.

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