Chef’s Corner: Lamb and Beef

Escoffier Online’s chefs help answer real cooking questions. Whether if has to do with cooking techniques, recipes or technology questions about our fully online programs, our chefs are here to help our students! For this Chef’s Corner our chefs help answer questions about lamb and beef recipes.

1. If I can’t get lamb shanks, what can I substitute?

Escoffier Chef: If you can not get lamb shanks, feel free to substitute a lamb rack, or if that is too expensive Lamb Chops. Buy the double cut ones, so that you can get a good sense of the thickness for cooking them.

2. Will you describe the differences between Chateaubriand, Fillet, and Filet Mignon? I know that they are all cut from the tenderloin. I believe the Filet Mignon is cut from the short end, and if the rest of the tenderloin is cut into rounds they are called filet. What makes the Chateaubriand? 

Escoffier Chef: Chateaubriand is actually a recipe which is usually grilled or broiled and served with Bearnaise and chateau potatoes, which are trimmed into olive shapes and sauteed in butter. It is normally cut from the center part of the tenderloin big enough for two people.

3. For the assignment London Broil, can I grill the London Broil instead of broiling it? 

Escoffier Chef: You can use a salamander, broiler or BBQ grill.

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