Chef’s Corner: Bake Shop Ingredients

Escoffier Online’s chefs help answer real cooking questions. Whether if has to do with cooking techniques, recipes or technology questions about our fully online programs, our chefs are here to help our students! For this Chef’s Corner our chefs help answer Bake Shop Ingredients and Staples questions.

1. I got chocolate chips for the dark couverture, can I use heavy cream from the butter cream icing recipe for the ganache?

Escoffier Chef: Yes, you can use the heavy cream.

2. Can I add cocoa powder to the butter cream icing to make it chocolate flavored?

Escoffier Chef: The cocoa may not mix in well and show particle. Try folding in some room temperature ganache , it will give the butter cream a nice flavor.

3.  I’ve got brown sugar in my cupboard, and thought I’d use it for something. However, it’s rock solid now! How do I soften it?

Escoffier Chef: Put an apple slice in the bag overnight and it will be soft in the morning.

4. I was wondering what dark couverture is and what percentage I want when buying it?

Escoffier Chef: It is a very high quality chocolate. When buying chocolate look for a percentage on the front of the bar. Couverture is at least 54 percent.

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